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The diamond has a new dimension

profilePhoto   Christine Melay
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  • Increased deposit area
  • Multi-application equipment
  • Modular design
  • Composition and properties tested

Key words

  • Diamond
  • Monocrystalline
  • Nanocrystalline
  • Microwave plasma
  • Distributed power
  • Coating for large surface area

Intellectual Property

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  • CNRS
  • UGA

Linksium Continuum

  • Maturation
  • Commercialization


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Industrial plasma processes require the high production of reactive varieties and uniformity on increasingly large surface areas. Currently performed on separate pressure ranges, ProExtenD’s objective is to combine in a single technology the benefits gained from each pressure range to ensure the growth of the diamond over a large surface area.


The technology offered is based on a concept of wavelength coupler distribution that has proven its worth in a range of pressures below one torr. The key change is made at the level of the individual couplers (geometry, frequency) to ensure the spatial expansion of the plasma and for pressures below one torr.


  • Wider range of pressure, power and composition of the gas
  • Synthesis of the diamond of different properties on a single piece of equipment
  • Testing of the material’s properties and reproducibility of the process
  • Modular design of the couplers and the chamber.

State of progress

The spatial extension testing of the plasma produced by a unit coupler and of diamond synthesis have resulted in the maturation of a coupler optimised in terms of energy performance (transmission, coupling, power deposit) and to the production of a prototype for the growth of the diamond on a 4’’ plate. The process can be transferred onto larger surfaces simply by multiplying the number of wavelength couplers.


  • Coatings with strengthened properties
  • Manufacture of microdiamonds and nanocrystalline for optical windows, radiation detectors, power electronics
  • Generation of reactive varieties (fluorine, oxygen) for processes in the field of microelectronics
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