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High-speed motor regulation

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  • Reduced noise, vibrations, weight of electric motors
  • Increased reliability low cost

Key words

  • Precise motor regulation
  • Direct Torque Control (DTC)
  • Brushless




  • CNRS
  • UGA

Linksium Continuum

  • Maturation


Smoothcontrol is aimed at the brushless motors market. The brushless motors market is growing rapidly ($25.6 billion in 2017 with annual growth of 7.2% ). The increased use of brushless motors is due to the reduced cost of control electronics. These motors are widely used, for example in drones , domestic electric appliances (hair driers, etc.) and cars (windscreen wipers). The aim is to develop new products and services based on a new technology for the regulation of brushless motors. This is achieved by pushing a technical limit (the rotation speed) to achieve other applications of the electric motors and thus strongly contribute to the development of motorised objects.


Smoothcontrol is an 8-bit controller (software/electronics) that provides the control-command system for brushless motors. Smoothcontrol consists of an electronic device for permanent current measurement without needing an estimate, a driver for controlling power transistors enabling high frequencies, and embedded control software based on the mapping of motor parameters (>100) recorded and replayed to stay close to the irregularities of motor manufacturing (non-linear regulation).


As a result of its precise regulation, Smoothcontrol reduces noise and vibrations, and increases speed to 120000 – 240000 tr/mn.This increase in speed increases the power of constant weight motors while maintaining a low level of noise and vibration.
The reduction in vibrations directly increases the reliability of the motor and, in the end, the product. A considerable reduction in costs of the command system due to the use of simple electronics, µP 8bits, for improved performance.

State of progress

A first controller for a 60000tr/mn motor was tested at 100kHz in the pre-project stage. This showed good prospects concerning the low heat build-up of the power electronics and permanent current measurement.


  • Cars: downsizing of the engine with reduced cylinder capacity by means of a more efficient low-output and very reliable electric turbo, reduced costs enabling the expansion of all the ranges (improved engine motor driven by European legislation)
  • Medical: in dentistry, improved patient comfort (noise, vibrations)
  • Numerous other emerging markets requiring high speeds

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