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Real-time supervision and optimization software for the operation of variable speed wind turbines

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  • Improvement of 1 to 3% in the wind turbine’s performance
  • Optimisation close to real time
  • Does not require additional sensors

Key words

  • Improving the efficiency of the wind turbine
  • Real-time optimisation
  • Gain in electrical production

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The world market for wind energy is growing rapidly.
Requiring optimised operation adapted to a very uncertain local environment (wind amplitude and direction, air density, state of the wind turbine), WINDKY addresses the need to improve the performance of wind turbines, producing more energy throughout their lifetime and contributing to an increased return on investment.


WINDKY optimizes the performance of variable speed wind turbines. It gives, rapidly and automatically, the optimal operating points of the turbine before or after it is put into service, using measurements already available on wind turbines. The technology does not require additional sensors.


The traditional method uses optimal pre-calculated operating values, not necessarily reflecting the actual conditions of use or ageing. WINDKY provides at all times: the optimal power, torque and/or speed of the wind turbine, from wind speed measurements that are not very accurate. WINDKY improves the efficiency of wind turbines (by between 1% and 3%).

State of progress

The technology has been tested on a laboratory demonstrator designed, sized and built at Gipsa-lab.


WINDKY can be used for the configuration of new wind turbines or the maintenance and improvement of existing wind farms. The product will be a software package incorporated into the wind turbine’s control and supervision system.