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Our Mission and values


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Experts in technology transfer

We help to create innovation

We transform research results into technologies, products, and know-how that can be exploited by all types of partners in social and economic markets.

  • Our commitment: to ensure project durability and to maximise potential
  • Our unique method: to help project leaders to eliminate risks at every
Co-founders of startups

We build solid startups

We help businesses in the long term: intellectual property, fundraising, etc. We structure them to enable their growth: industrialisation and international development. We support ambition.

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Audacious risk-takers

We support breakthrough innovation

We are active in the periods that interest few investors: pre-creation and seed. The technologies that we support will help change the world for the future.

We are convinced

Grenoble Alpes' research provides solutions

We work to make the benefits of research serve society. In the face of societal , global health, sustainable industy and environnemental challenges, we help stimulate innovation within the Grenoble and Alpine ecosystem. We position ourselves as an accelerator between research and industry.

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