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Care for women with virtual reality tools

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  • Easy to handle
  • Several scenarios available
  • Continuity in the sessions
  • Assisted operation (manual mode)

Key words

  • Maternity
  • Anxiety
  • Tokophobia
  • Therapeutic tool

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In 2016, 847.100 babies were born in France. Childbirth is often the mother's first hospitalization. In 30% of cases, women report having experienced a traumatic situation, and in 5% of cases, they develop a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This impacts approximately 42,000 women per year. These women experience a disturbed attachment to the child, complicated breastfeeding and/or difficulties in their sexuality.


AccouZen is a tool for therapeutic care based on the principle of graduated in virtuo exposure. The virtual reality software allows a progressive immersion in different 3D scenarios related to delivery situations in a hospital. Accompanied by therapeutic know-how, the available scenarios allow the professional to gradually expose his patient in an adapted and controlled environment.


Benefits for the therapist:

  • Facilitated therapeutic engagement
  • Diversity of exposure to environments
  • Scenarios can be repeated over and over again.

Benefits to the patient:

  • Easy immersion
  • Personalization of the sessions
  • Respect for the patient's privacy


Use of the method and the tool dedicated to perinatal professionals in the care of women, in particular maternity and liberal psychologists.