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A scientific approach and innovative teaching methods

NOVASCRIB Mélanie Vienot, CEO +33 (0)6 45 28 95 25


  • Enabling all French-speaking adults to assess their writing ability
  • For employers: help their staff improve the quality of their written work
  • For organisations: improve their image

Key words

  • Writing skills
  • Professional writing training
  • Skills development
  • Evaluation and certification

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Writing has become an activity that is as vital as it is demanding, like never before. Digital technology has profoundly transformed our practices. Knowing how to write a well-argued, concise and hard-hitting text has become essential.In this context, it is crucial to provide adult French speakers, in both businesses and schools, with reliable and high-performance evaluation and training tools.


The result of 15 years of scientific research in linguistics, our certification uses a method and an algorithm that make it possible to evaluate the full range of writing skills: spelling, syntax, vocabulary, punctuation and the ability to argue effectively.


Novascrib fills a gap by offering the only form of evaluation whose reliability is guaranteed by a scientific method and which covers all of the writing skills.
In addition, we offer a hybrid training service (on-site, distance tutoring, training app) developed by experts in innovative and entertaining teaching strategies and the Lego® Serious Play® method. In this way, we give our students and trainees the opportunity to make rapid and sustained progress. A scientific approach, with entertaining and effective teaching methods: the best recipe to enable every French-speaking adult to be comfortable and efficient in their day-to-day writing tasks and to ensure that this key competence is recognised.

State of progress

The results of psychometric tests have confirmed the reproducibility of our certification method and thus guarantee the reliability of the results.
Our hybrid training programme and our certification are in the commercial deployment stage. A partnership with Hatier has been established to roll out “My Bescherelle coach”.


The Novascrib offer is aimed at all adult French speakers who want to improve and certify their writing skills. Accordingly, we are talking to:

  • Companies: to strengthen their recruitment procedures, encourage the development of their staff
  • Trainers: to evaluate the achievements of their students and provide a skills development tool
  • Universities and large schools, to prepare their students for professional life
  • All professionals, to improve their skills and highlight them on their CVs.