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Hybrid approach for architectured biosourced materials

profilePhoto   Numa Schenone
Linksium Contact Numa Schenone +33 (0)7 78 09 11 94
CILKOA Romain Lecot, CEO +33 6 12 50 56 98
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  • High barrier properties (gas, H2O)
  • Bio-based material
  • Ultra light weight
  • High mechanical resistance (REH)
  • Biodegradable

Key words

  • Cellulose
  • Ceramics coating

Intellectual Property

  • 1 patent

Partnerships & Rewards

  • Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • 2021 i-PhD French Deeptech PhD Competition Winner
  • 2022 French Deeptech Innovation Competition Winner


  • LGP2


  • CNRS
  • UGA

Linksium Continuum

  • Maturation
  • Incubation
  • Incorporated startups


The priority on the preservation of the environment encourages todays research in material science to replace inorganic material as to ensure a higher degree of bio degradability while maintaining materials actuals exigence. In parallel, more and more performing materials are required as to fit with miniaturization and lightweight objectives.


A hybrid approach to combine cellulosic and ceramic materials (Al2O3) has produced a new type of material where as an Alumina film smaller then 0,04 µm covers one or both sides of a cellulosic substrate. Thanks to an innovation in the deposition of the ceramic film, an agreement between paper and ceramic has been achieved.
The material is water resistant and displays high barrier properties (mimic actual material: PET…). Its over 98% cellulosic material and therefore has an increased biodegradability depending on material elaboration, over 99% porosity, mechanical tightness in aqueous condition, flame retardant or hydrophobicity could be obtained.


The first demonstrators were produced to test the basic functionality of the hardware.

State of progress

Cilkoa is incorporated in June 22 on the basis of HANABi project. Foundations of the startup have been settle focused scaling up and on its next financial and industrial acceleration. Founders team with complementary knowledge is established.


Cilkoa actually focus his technology on new functionalities for packaging application.

Other segments of interest:

  • Lightweight structures in aeronautics
  • Lightweight and insulating structures in civil engineering
  • Oxygen barrier and green packaging for agriculture and nutrition
  • Membranes for energy&biomedical applications