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Fast neutrons detection

profilePhoto   Gisela Schach
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  • Measure neutrons with high energy
  • Compact & mobile
  • Remotedly controlled

Key words

  • Neutron Spectrometry
  • Source location
  • Rapid Neutrons

Intellectual Property

  • 1 patent
  • 1 software
  • 2 knowhow


  • LPSC


  • CNRS
  • UGA

Linksium Continuum

  • Maturation
  • Incubation


MIMAC-FASTn aims to secure people in the presence of neutrons, which are very dangerous and difficult to detect. It makes fast neutron energy measurement accessible in medical and industrial environments. This measurement is a prerequisite for calculating the neutron doses received, and for detecting fissile material.


MIMAC-FASTn is a directional fast neutron spectrometer. It performs measurements from 10 keV to 600 MeV. It is based on a 3D detection of nuclear retreats from elastic diffusions, thanks to a pixelated detector coupled to a camera clocked at up to 50 million frames/s. In parallel, with an adapted interface, it opens the possibility to detect low energy (1-200 keV) hydrogen, helium, oxygen and nitrogen nuclei in space.


MIMAC-FASTn provides opportunity of measuring the energy of fast neutrons, even beyond 10 MeV, thanks to direct detection. Compact and mobile, the detector is easily positioned. Neutron simulations can finally be confronted with measurements!

State of progress

A first prototype was manufactured and made it possible to carry out the proof of concept. IRSN/LMDN approached the LPSC out of interest in this type of detection. Feasibility studies for customer use cases are underway.


  • Nuclear waste industry
  • Medical installations
  • Security in aviation
  • Spatial industry