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Vibration energy harvesting

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150033 PULSCE


  • Replace or supply batteries
  • Run through ambient vibration energy harvesting
  • Can operate in harsh environment
  • Operate on a wide frequency bandwidth

Key words

  • Piezoelectric conversion
  • Wideband frequency
  • IoT

Intellectual Property

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PULSCE are vibration powered generators suitable to replace batteries. An alternative to electrochemical cells is mandatory to supply wireless sensors in harsh environments or inaccessible places. Our device allows perpetual power supply of wireless networked objects from ambient mechanical energy.


PULSCE generators are unique because they use efficient piezoelectric transducers within a non-linear mechanical oscillator and additionally dedicated energy extraction circuits. Consequently, our generators operate on a large frequency bandwidth (1Hz – 100Hz) and provide standard DC regulated output voltage: 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V ou 3.6V).


By implementing highly durable piezoelectric transducer technology, our generators will present a lifetime beyond 10 years in harsh temperature environment (-40°C – 105°C). Working on a large bandwidth, they can be used for numerous applications.

State of progress

The first prototypes produce electrical power from 1mW to 30mW. They are fully compatible with standard wireless communication protocols such as ZigBee or BLE.


Our generators can significantly improve the operation of systems for which maintenance is critical and induces high related cost.
Therefore, wireless sensors supply power for machine monitoring, railway structure, aeronautical components or underground conduit are potential targeted applications.