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New test for detecting the resistance of fungi to antifungal drugs

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Candida antifongique


  • Results in 6 hours

Key words

  • Yeast
  • Filamentous fungi
  • Azoles
  • Resistance

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Resistance to anti-infectives is a public health problem not limited to antibiotics. Antifungal resistance is growing alongside the development of fungal diseases as well as human, animal and plant diseases. The earlier these infections are identified as being primary resistant to antifungals, the more effectively they will be treated. Current tests take at least 24 hours to produce results, which are sometimes difficult to interpret.


SensiFONG is an innovative antifungal susceptibility test. Unlike all tests currently on the market based on fungal growth, SensiFONG detects chitin level changes in the fungal cell wall after antifungal treatment by epifluorescence microscopy.


  • SensiFONG is a fast 6-hour test
  • The reading of the results is automated and standardised for a reliable and effective record
  • A wide range of human health and phytosanitary applications

State of progress

Proof of concept validated on a broad spectrum of Candida and filamentous fungi for clinical applications in human and phytosanitary health.


The SensiFONG technology is generic and can be implemented in medical analysis laboratories, as well as in the laboratories of a variety of industries for:

  • The detection of resistant strains in human and animal medicine, agriculture, and the health security of buildings…
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of new antifungals in human health, animal health, agriculture, etc.