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Production of high-quality MFCS on an industrial scale

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  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced pollution
  • Quality MFC
  • Industrial production

Key words

  • Wood
  • Biomasse
  • MFC
  • Paper industry


  • LGP2


  • CNRS

Linksium Continuum

  • Maturation


MFCs (Cellulose Microfibrils) are bio-based materials with remarkable properties (mechanical, rheological, etc.). However, their extraction is very energy-consuming and polluting, and involves a succession of processes that degrade the quality of the final product and limit their industrialization.


Three stages in a single reactor, without intermediate washing:

  • Delignification of unbleached pulp at ambiant temperature by addition of ClO2 and TEMPO
  • Cellulose oxidation with NaCl
  • Hot acidification to complete substrate delignification


  • Energy-efficient "two-in-one" process using no expensive, polluting materials.
  • Designed to be easily implemented in pulp mills, requiring limited investment and process modification.
  • Enables the production of MFC at industrial scale.

State of progress

Tests have shown that the pulp produced by the treatment is oxidized to a level identical to that of bleached pulps oxidized by TEMPO/NaClO/NaBr.

Multiple product sheets will be prepared, describing the characteristics of the MFCs produced according to the nature of the input pastes.


Cellulose packaging, or transparent packaging in place of petro-sourced products, food industry (thickener, stabilizer, flavor carrier), surface coatings (varnishes, paints), cosmetics (gels), biomedical sector (tissue skeleton for cell culture, excipient, etc.).

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