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How to purify hydrogen from oxygenated impurities

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  • Hydrogen stored at very high pressure thanks to the extreme purity obtained with Hypper

Key words

  • Regenerable getter
  • Hydrogen drying
  • Hydrogen purification

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The transition to carbon-free energy is increasing the need for storage technologies, of which hydrogen is becoming increasingly important. Under the increasing demand, sources of hydrogen need to be diversified; on the other hand, the standards of use harden. You have to be able to provide a very pure hydrogen in a simple and inexpensive way.


The HyPPER project is a robust solution for drying hydrogen to more than 99.9999%. This technology, derived from ten years of research, also makes it possible to trap various oxygenated impurities (eg CO2, H2O, CO, O2).


Guaranteeing a perfectly dry hydrogen would allow reliable high pressure storage. Automatic regeneration avoids loss of efficiency and reduces maintenances. The filter is composed of inexpensive material. The set provides an efficient solution that is compatible with the technical and economic requirements of the targeted application sectors.

State of progress

Demonstrators dealing with hydrogen are already available. Filtration and regeneration technologies have been the subject of a patent application; the regeneration and control procedures have been translated into a predictive monitoring algorithm.


  • Hydrogen generator in analytical chemistry without consumable (regenerable device)
  • Hydrogen drying for high pressure storage (electric vehicle charging stations, storage battery for isolated sites, biogas purification)
  • Prevention of carbon monoxide