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A decision support tool for medium voltage power distribution network planning.

profilePhoto   Gisela Schach
Linksium Contact Gisela Schach +33 (0)6 33 63 44 99
TOPPLAN Egor Gladkikh, CEO +33 (0)7 81 09 72 30
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  • Automatic network long-term planning
  • Reduction of study time
  • Savings of around 5% in investment (CAPEX+OPEX)

Key words

  • MV Network Planning
  • Electrical distribution networks
  • Flexibilities SCORE
  • Smart Grid

Intellectual Property

  • 3 software


  • G2Elab


  • CNRS
  • UGA

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Originally designed to deliver energy from large production centers to consumers, electrical network faces new challenges. Its development philosophy changes to fit expansion of decentralized production and new type of load such as electric vehicles. Distribution network will therefore evolve towards a flexible and robust network which best integrates local and/or renewable energies. Planners who work upstream of these evolutions are looking for appropriate solutions for studying of long term evolution of the network.


TOPPLAN software is a decision support tool for medium voltage power distribution network planning. The technological core of TOPPLAN is based on business knowledge and results of multidisciplinary research around advanced mathematics. It uses the most recent mathematical theories: Reformulation, Convexification, Graph Theory, Operations Research, Complexity Theory, among others. The different layers of technology are:

  • Exact modeling of the network planning problem
  • Automation of calculation of planning with performance guarantee
  • Generating of multiple alternative solutions
  • An integrated Geographical Information System


TOPPLAN incorporates the use of flexibility (production and flexible loads) in the long-term dimensioning of the electricity network. It makes it possible to jointly find the topologies and operating modes best suited to future distribution networks, intelligent and flexible. This allows for a better use of assets and financial gain for the society.

State of progress

In current state the technological core is robust. The GUI, as well as the auxiliary modules are under development.


  • Study of automated connection of new loads and sources of energy production
  • Long-term electrical network planning study by feeder or on a larger territory
  • Identification of needs for renewal of cables or works
  • Proposal of the work to be carried out in the network to achieve a goal of realization long-term electrical network planning program