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Learning healthy and efficient movements

profilePhoto   Chloé Poyet
Linksium Contact Chloé Poyet +33 (0)6 46 57 42 17
MYSMARTMOVE Francis Laffet, CEO +33 (0)6 84 80 28 94


  • Personalized real-time motion control
  • Remote monitoring of movement quality

Key words

  • Learning Improved technique
  • Connected object
  • Sport
  • Health
  • Well-being

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With a population that is involved in sport at all ages (household spending on sports constantly rising, by around 2 to 4 % per annum) while also ageing (between 25 and 30 % of the population will be over 65 by 2050), learning more suitable or effective movements will become essential in order to address different sporting practices.


MySmartMove technology aims to objectify the movement of the athlete or patient, thanks to a device worn by the person, and to provide personalized feedback to the user on the quality of his movement. It is the result of two very distinct technical fields: the objective measurement of movement and the reconstruction of segments through inertial units integrated into a device that is easy to wear and use, and a know-how making it possible to translate these measurements into a biomechanical analysis and personalized advice.


MySmartMove offers the possibility of (re)learning efficient movements adapted to individual abilities, supervised by an expert if desired. This learning can make it possible to limit or prevent injuries at work or sport, improve a specific sports skill, extend the rehabilitation of a patient beyond a specialist’s office, etc.

State of progress

The accuracy of the movement measurement has been validated in comparison with a reference system. The technology has been successfully tested on a task of learning a complex movement on the one hand, and a task of maintaining good posture in front of a computer on the other. We are finalizing a prototype based on wireless sensors.


Due to the adaptability of MySmartMove, there are numerous possible applications:

  • Health: rehabilitation and support for the person in performing regular exercises
  • Sport: prevention of injuries (patellar syndrome, thrower's shoulder, etc.) and the training of specific gestures or techniques (golf swing, tennis serve, running stride, etc.), objective and personalized monitoring of a physical training
  • Well-being: limit musculoskeletal disorders at work, regaining fitness at home following a muscle injury.