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Modular power module with integrated cooling

profilePhoto   Christine Melay
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  • This new power module technology adapted to fast components incorporates an air cooler whose mass is greatly reduced in comparison with the current state of the art

Key words

  • Power electronics
  • Cooling
  • Semiconductor components
  • 3D packaging

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The power semiconductor components are incorporated in multichip cases called power modules. These modules enable the efficient removal of heat, and their parasitic electrical elements (inductance, capacitance) must be optimised to allow the implementation of the increasingly fast components.


The originality of the TAPIR project lies in the interconnection of the semiconductor components through the intermediary of the heat dissipaters. The electrical connections and the distribution of the heat dissipation are then optimised. This last point enables a drastic reduction in the mass of the cooling system.


This technology decreases the mass of energy conversion systems: reduction in the mass of a cooling system by a ratio of 3. It will enable the optimum use of large-gap semiconductor components, a guarantee of additional gains on the overall mass.

State of progress

A prototype was developed and tested at low voltage.


It will be possible to use this technology profitably in most air-cooled static converters, particularly in the aeronautics and server sectors.