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Functional inks for discrete radio frequency applications

profilePhoto   Christine Melay
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  • Increased transparency
  • High conductivity
  • Eco-friendly ink
  • Green chemistry

Key words

  • Conductive ink
  • Transparent ink
  • Printed electronics
  • Radio frequency

Intellectual Property

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Linksium Continuum

  • Maturation
  • Commercialization


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Radio frequency applications are today present in the consumer sector as well as in the industrial sector. By 2025, 22 million connected objects and 1 billion sensors are expected. Nevertheless, functionalizing transparent surfaces is a challenge that the e-transparent team is committed to meeting through the research and development of transparent conductive inks.


The invention consists in the formulation of a conductive and transparent fluid, whose properties are specifically adapted to the requirements of radio frequency devices; this is due to the electrical properties once deposited in thin layers on a flexible support. For this purpose, the ink incorporates in particular a conductive material, a biocompatible material acting as a dispersing agent and as a matrix, and a dopant for the electrical properties.


The transparent inks developed are aimed at printing RF patterns and thus optimize the required transparency-conductivity couple. To date, the products on the market are either not transparent enough or not conductive enough to ensure the function in RF.

State of progress

Antenna devices have been built and tested. Other RF devices are under development and characterization.


The targeted devices are antennas, rectenna systems (energy recovery) and wave amplifying surfaces (FSS). Some examples:

  • Communications (antennas on screens of smartphones, touch tablets, etc.)
  • IoT (antennas for object identification (RFID) or communication with sensors, rectenna for sensor power supply, etc.)
  • Smart building (FSS for shielding, filtering or amplification of waves, etc.)
  • Smart security (antennas for counterfeit detection devices, smart packaging, etc.)
  • Automotive (FSS, antenna for functionalizing windshields, rectenna for transparent heating).

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