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Artificial Intelligence to help landscape gardeners avoid the use of pesticides

IC GREEN Christophe Blondiaux, CEO c.blondiaux@icgreen.fr
Image Green Rover


  • Alternative to pesticides
  • Mechanical maintenance of lawns
  • Elimination of routine and painful weeding

Key words

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mechanical lawn care
  • No use of pesticides



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Landscapers or sports field maintenance managers used to be heavy users of pesticides. They now have fewer and fewer phytosanitary products at their disposal to maintain lawns. A real ecological issue, the regulations with the gradual disappearance of herbicides raises a real problem to guarantee a good quality lawn by limiting the spread of weeds.


IC Green offers a solution for grounds maintenance and weed control without pesticides. This solution is based on a robotic chassis equipped with artificial intelligence for detecting weeds and targeted mechanical destruction tools.


This robot will be equipped with a battery and will be able to cover large areas in a completely autonomous way according to the planning of its work and a very precise geolocation.
Real modular "tool carrier", IC Green can be used to add tools for reseeding, fertilising, mowing, marking out lines on sports fields, etc.

State of progress

A first demonstrator for targeted mechanical destruction is being developed and will be made available to beta-testers in April 2021.


IC Green is intended for landscapers, local authorities and green space managers who are concerned about having weed-free lawns. This concerns mainly sports fields, golf courses, gardens and parks.