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Fluorescent probes for NIR-II Imaging and aid in ENT cancer surgery

profilePhoto   Chloé Poyet
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  • Water-soluble molecules, biocompatibles
  • Coupling to biological vectors
  • NIR-II Emission
  • Higher resolution and sharper images than NIR-I

Key words

  • Imaging
  • Image-guided Surgery
  • Fluorescence
  • NIR-II

Intellectual Property

  • 1 patent

Partnerships & Rewards

  • 2022 i-PhD French Deeptech Innovation Competition Winner - Grand Prix


  • IAB (Grenoble)


  • CNRS
  • UGA

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  • Maturation
  • Incubation


Tumor surgery can be guided by fluorescence imaging in the NIR-I region. NIR-II imaging helps to reduce tissues autofluorescence and light diffusion to improve the image quality. Currently, there are no NIR-II compounds used in the clinic.


The FLUONIR-II compounds derived from aza-BODIPY molecules and emit a fluorescent signal in the NIR-II optical range. Patented, they are water-soluble, biocompatible, and can be administered alone or coupled with a biological ligand to enhance tumor targeting.


These compounds are fast to produce, chemically and photochemically stable, even after a prolonged light exposure. They can be personalized according to the desired target and they can be used for bimodal imaging (optical/nuclear).

State of progress

Different batches of fluorescent molecules have been synthetized and successfully tested in mice bearing tumors for image-guided surgery of infiltrating Head & Neck tumors. These compounds emitting in the NIR-II optical range have been patented. The level of TRL already reached in the laboratory is TRL 3+/4.


FLUONIR-II aims for fluorescence guided surgery (hospitals and clinics). The molecules will be particularly available to pharmaceutical laboratories producing antibodies, to academic laboratories working in optical imaging and also to NIR-II camera distributors.