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Multi laser fiber spectrometry with optical feedback

profilePhoto   Christine Melay
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  • Multi gas
  • Compactness
  • Very high reliability
  • Real time

Key words

  • Fiber laser
  • Multispectral
  • Very high reliability
  • Gas detection
  • Optical feedback

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  • Commercialization


  • Transferred licenses


Absorption spectroscopy as a technique for gas analysis is in full development. It is thanks to the development of more and more sensitive instruments that this method is conquering more and more fields, from the study of air quality to paleo-thermometry.


This technology, which exploits the optical feedback phenomenon of an optical cavity to stabilize the phase of the laser emission, gives the fibered DFB diodes an exceptional spectral quality adapted to very high fidelity spectroscopy.


This innovation takes advantage of the many commercial fiber modules, in particular the fast switches that select one laser from N. With one laser per target molecule, a whole range of species can be measured with a single, versatile, robust and compact instrument.

State of progress

A multi-laser fiber prototype has been built. The technology has been licensed to the company AP2E to develop a line of ultrasensitive and multi gas optical feedback spectrometers.


The applications of our technology are numerous but this project has been focused on gas analysis. In this field, multi-laser/multi-gas spectrometry allows the measurement of isotopic ratios of molecules of atmospheric and geo-scientific interest, a position in competition with mass spectrometers.