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profilePhoto   Jean-Philippe Gendre
Linksium Contact Jean-Philippe Gendre +33 (0)6 03 37 38 40
CARROUCELL Tarek Fathallah, CEO +33 (0)6 78 01 95 52


  • Optimisation of costs
  • Productivity gain X3
  • Optimisation of cultivation conditions
  • Optimisation of the cellular differentiation

Key words

  • Microcarrier
  • Cell culture
  • Sol-gel
  • Microstructuring

Partnerships & Rewards

  • 2017 French Deeptech Innovation Competition Winner
  • I-Phd 2019 Winner

Linksium Continuum

  • Incubation


  • Incorporated startups


The use of microscopic culture matrices called “microcarriers” has enabled major advances in the field of cell culture. These are tiny balls ranging from a few hundred micrometres to a few millimetres in diameter to which cells can attach themselves and multiply. Unlike other cell culture methods in 2D, 3D mode using microcarriers offers much higher cultivated surface area/volume ratios.


The glass and ceramics implementing technologies do not allow the structuring of objects sized between a few dozen micrometres and a few hundred micrometres.

Carroucell’s methods makes it possible to obtain sol-gel materials:

  • objects with very complex high-precision micro-structures that are impossible to achieve using traditional glass and ceramics implementation methods
  • High-purity homogeneous objects (size distribution <3%)


Carroucell’s sol-gel process will make it possible to functionalise the microcarriers by giving them special properties (microstructuring of the surface area; biodegradability of the microcarrier by adding other materials, easy integration of interesting molecules, etc.).

State of progress

Industrialisation of the production of microcarriers, cell culture tests of microcarriers.
Partners: EPFL, CTI Biotech
Winning project in the I-Lab competition in the emerging category


  • Improved cell culture yield
  • Optimisation of the differentiation of cultivated cells due to the properties of the microcarriers produced using this process