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Gluing without danger

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  • Non-toxic
  • Biobased
  • Iso-process
  • No VOC (including formaldehyde)

Key words

  • Glues
  • Particleboards
  • Chemistry

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Particleboards are widely used for flat-pack furniture because of their low price and good performances compare to solid wood.
These particleboards are composed of more than 15% of petrol-based glues that release volatile organic compounds (VOC) including formaldehyde, a highly toxic and carcinogen compound, leading to highly polluted air in flats and houses. In France, in 2017 particleboards were forbidden in childcare centers because of their emission of highly toxic formaldehyde.
In this context of eco conception and health concerns, regulatory constraints are becoming tougher so a high degree of innovation is needed.


Bioglue aims to synthesize glues using biosourced polymers without any food competition.
These glues showed performances close to the properties of the petrol-based panels, with internal bonding (IB) of about 0.4 N/mm².


Bioglue’s products are made from biosourced polymers in opposition with the current oil-based glues. The bio-based polymer form of our glues leads to non VOC emitting particleboards, which are than safer to produce and to use.

State of progress

Demonstration particleboards have been made and tested. Samples are available on request for industrial trials (lab scale or pilot panels). The increase of production volumes is under study. Bioglue is now looking for industrial partners.


The glues synthesized by Bioglue are made for the particleboard industry. These particleboards are used a lot in the daily life for flat-pack furniture like kitchens, cupboards, or other dressing rooms... These furniture with Bioglue products will be safer for the customer’s health since they won’t emit any toxic compound.