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Pulsed intense magnetic fields

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Key words

  • Pulsed magnetic fields
  • Intense magnetic fields
  • Magnetic manipulation

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We propose to exploit the sources of pulsed intense magnetic field for metrology. These fields can also be used in the field of biology: directly on the targets (cells, proteins, tumours, etc.), or on the magnetic micro-/nano-particles attached to the targets.


Innovative electronic circuits have been developed to produce compact (cm3) and high-intensity (5kA) pulsed current systems. When they are coupled with robust spools measured in millimetres, pulsed intense magnetic fields (up to 20T, unipolar or bipolar) can be generated with low energy consumption (<10J).


Their compactness and the fact that they do not require cryogenic fluid makes these magnetic field sources easy to install and use in laboratory equipment (metrology), on a work surface or integrated in a microscope stage (biology). Magnetic field intensities 10 to 1,000 times greater than those produced by magnetic field sources of comparable size are achievable.

State of progress

Prototypes developed in the laboratory were used by biologists for intensive testing. This innovation is operational and is now being marketed by the company HPROBE following a transfer of sub-licence.


HPROBE makes a wide range of electrical measurements, in particular on MRAM components. Use of the PUMAG technology makes it possible to go further in these tests on laboratory equipment (metrology), a work surface or integrated in a microscope stage (biology).

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